How do you benefit from the Career Management Practice Program?

Harness the power of storytelling to help you learn more about yourself, so you can move forward with a sense of clarity and confidence

  • Meaningful Career

    Career Management skill helps you build a meaningful career by better aligning your strengths & desires with organizational and societal needs

  • Storytelling Skill

    You build the skill of storytelling and presenting your career & personal journey more effectively

  • Recognized Credential

    Organizations value employees who can proactively navigate their careers. The CMPP micro-credential helps you stand out

  • Build Connections

    Build your professional network by connecting with diverse peers across ages, stages and sectors

  • Actionable plan

    We help you generate "What next" career possibilities for you depending on your situation

  • Time Management

    Online and self-directed activity helps you manage your work or school, and this course effectively

"The course met my expectations exceptionally well.

I was hoping to gain insights and practical knowledge on how to navigate and succeed in the job market. The course exceeded my expectations by providing me with valuable tools and resources to help me clarify my career goals and develop an effective job search strategy."
~Avinandan Kundu (CMPP Student)

Program Overview

Using an evidence-based narrative framework developed by OneLifeTools, participants use a narrative platform – Online Storyteller – to reflect on their experiences in self-directed practice cycles and within an engaging live event.

Who should consider the CMPP? Professionals with backgrounds in business, engineering, law, accounting, teaching, health, social services, and more. Young professionals. Serious college and university students in graduate or professional programs. Anyone wishing to build career management skills.

  • Generate “what next” possibilities - within or beyond your current situation - with actionable exploration plans

  • Build a present- and future-oriented “Clarification Statement” which supports navigating change, and builds professional vocabulary (useful for resume, Linkedin, interviews, networking)

  • Accelerate and enhance career advancement or transition

  • Contribute to mental wellbeing and positive mental habits and mindsets

"Conversations Matter" live event engage learners & help them find their 'What's Next'

Join this live engaging session. Open to everyone

Earn A Micro-Credential

What professionals are saying about the Career Management Practice Program?

“I really appreciated working with the team at CareerCycles. It is a real strength of theirs having many complementary skills in-house. I undertook a career change involving a geographical move. With their help I made a successful transition and am very grateful for their support. ”

John Hogan - Google Review

“In my Conversations Matter online breakout group, I loved getting to the heart of who we are and the essence of what we want so quickly, without having time to overthink it. A really supportive community was built-- which made this experience feel... magical.”

Danielle Kershaw

“I would like to thank CareerCycles for the help in navigating my career path. Angie was extremely supportive and efficient by asking important questions to identify my passion and weaknesses. If you need career consultancy, I would highly recommend CareerCycles. ”

Frank - Google Review

“I was able to set valuable goals for each week that were attainable and increased my confidence in maintaining positivity and progress in a challenging time in my life. ”

Wendy Rose

“CareerCycles helped me make the moves and gain the confidence to pursue a career I always thought about but never acted on. Special thanks to Kerri, who helped me realize my full potential as a learner of life. ”

Ryan C - Google Review

“Great conversation! I got to know my breakroom quickly. I was motivated by what others said. This was an incredible opportunity to connect with people from around the globe. We shared experiences, and I was really inspired to reflect and creatively identify small actions I could take. ”

Laura Lee

“"The course met my initial expectations exceptionally well. I was hoping to gain insights and practical knowledge on how to navigate and succeed in the job market as a computer software engineering student. The course exceeded my expectations by providing me with valuable tools and resources to help me clarify my career goals and develop an effective job search strategy."”

Avinandan Kundu

Winter 2024 program pre-registrations open from December 1, 2023

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Mark Franklin


Mark Franklin, MEd, PEng, spent 10 years in engineering before shifting into career development. "People often ask me about my career change from engineering to career development. Really I never left engineering! In my work leading CareerCycles and OneLifeTools I ‘redeployed’ my systems thinking and structured problem solving skills to focus on the 'wicked problems' of dissatisfaction and disengagement." Mark leads a team of career professionals who have helped 5000+ people make well-informed career choices. Mark also teaches career management at University of Toronto, hosts the Career Buzz podcast, and is a Tech Steward.

Lucy Welsh

Program Coordinator

Lucy works in a multi-faceted role for both the OneLifeTools and CareerCycles teams. She provides event coordination, customer service and technical support to customers and Online Storyteller users. With a degree in Environmental Studies, Lucy uses transferable skills and knowledge around sustainability and stewardship to support sustainable careers and career longevity.



  • What is Career Management?

    It is an ongoing process of navigating a lifetime of transitions. It links your desires, strengths, personal qualities, interests, influence and assets to career opportunities aligned with who you are.

  • How does this link to Tech Stewardship Practice Program?

    Career Management is an option with TSPP. Participants in TSPP begin with our live event, Conversations Matter, and are welcome to join CMPP afterward.

  • Who developed these concepts and who is behind the program?

    CMPP instructor, Mark Franklin, and professor emeritus, Rich Feller, co-founded OneLifeTools which provides the evidence-based narrative framework and Online Storyteller platform, used in CMPP. Mark is also practice leader of CareerCycles which serves individuals and groups, and is sponsoring CMPP.

  • What does the program look like / how will it be delivered?

    Participants use a narrative platform, Online Storyteller, to reflect on their experiences. They engage in self-directed practice cycles and 1 live event. Practices cycles include: 1) Career Management Introduction. 2) LIVE EVENT: Conversations Matter. 3) Your stories matter: creating your career narrative, and doing Narrative Assessment. 4) Getting Feedback from Allies. 5) Integrating Feedback to create your clarification Statement. 6) Exploring possibilities with referrals and Field Research. 7) What’s Next: Building your Exploration Plans. 8) LIVE WEEKLY DROP-IN CALLS: Participants have the opportunity to engage with peers on Career Management relevant topics.

  • How long / how much effort will the program take?

    Approximately 6 hours including 1 live event, Conversations Matter which is 1.5 hours.

  • How will this program help me get a job / advance in my career?

    Your resulting clarification statement offers specific next steps, future possibilities, and contains helpful professional vocabulary for resumes, LinkedIn, interviews and networking. Exploration Plans provide small steps to move your forward in your job search or other choices.

  • How will I be evaluated?

    While there is no formal evaluation, participants who complete the program by submitting their clarification Statement, and post-program survey earn their Career Management micro-credential.

  • Is the program available in French?

    Not yet. Please inquire if interested in collaborating on translation to French, Spanish or other languages.

  • Who can I contact with questions?

    Email Tanya at [email protected]